Private Coaching

Private Coaching 

Have you tried other training techniques without success? or tried to do it yourself at home watching youtube only to end up more confused than where you started? Then our private coaching programs are the solution you have been looking for.

We offer private customized one on one training to successfully work on any goals, or issues, you are having and set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success. Our goal is to get you to YOUR GOAL. You’ll quickly see our level of passion and knowledge about dog behaviour is the thing you’ve been searching for!

Reasons you may want to choose private training

  • You have lots of questions and prefer the extra attention of the trainer
  • You have specific things you want to work on and like that it’s customized
  • You have multiple dogs you want trained
  • It’s easier to fit into your schedule
  • You have several family members you want to participate in training

We’re looking for committed dog owners who want to build a true connection with their dog and who understand that respect goes both ways.

If you’re ready to learn to understand your dog, so your dog can understand you, we’re ready to get started!

Your participation in the training plays the most critical role in your results- be prepared to do (reasonable) amounts of daily training homework to achieve success with your dog. Expect Homework to practice and changes to be made to your dogs routine and lifestyle.

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