Virtual Training

Have you been hesitant to try virtual training for your dog? I don’t blame you. I’ve built my entire career of training dogs around not only offering in person training, but primarily one on one private training. I always felt like private training produced the best results because I really got to know my clients and their dog on such a deeper level than group sessions. This meant my advise could be far more specific, and therefore more effective.

What I’ve come to realize is that much of that connection and information sharing CAN be done through virtual live sessions. Since so much about dog training is actually people training, I can coach you, provide you with a plan to work on, and support you by checking in, answering your questions and updating your plan/homework as needed.

Let me introduced myself, I am Desiree McLean- Owner and Trainer here at the K9 Coach. Although I recently have decided to take a step back from full time training, I am taking on a few virtual clients. With 14 years of professional dog training experience, (much of that dealing with serious behavioural issues) and a long list of Education credentials, I am here to support you and your dog.

To be clear, this isn’t a prerecorded generic training program. Its just like I am sitting in your livingroom on your couch, exactly how I’ve done for years through my private coaching programs, but I am on the computer with you instead. Should you feel that you need in person support on some things (because sometimes in person can provide extra clarity or advancement opportunities), that can be arranged with one of our training team members as well! There’s literally no downside.

Virtual Pricing

30 minute sessions – $60 each, or pre-book 4 for $200

1 hour sessions – $120 each or or pre-book 4 for $400


Monday to Friday at 9:30am, 10:45am, 12:00pm, and 1:15pm

Weekends considered by request

Book your appointment by emailing [email protected]