Customized Private Puppy Training

Perfect Puppy Program:

Private customized one on one puppy training lessons specifically designed for young puppies under 6 months old. We cover EVERYTHING you need to know about your new puppy.

Learn what your top priorities should be with your new puppy, and what can wait for later. Avoid common mistakes and future behavioural issues by gaining a better understanding of your puppy. Get your pen and paper ready for lots of helpful advise!

This program is suitable to brand new puppy owners, whether your new puppy has arrived or not!

  • We can help with choosing the right puppy (breed/temperament) for your household
  • We can help prepare your home for puppies arrival
  • We can help with the first few weeks/month after puppy comes home
  • We can answer all your puppy related questions
  • We can give you a great start on obedience basics
  • We can help you understand how important positive exposure and socialization are at this age, and provide opportunities to work on all aspects of those

Cost :

$400 for 4 Private Lessons (one hour each)

Socializing your puppy correctly from day one can prevent serious, and often irreversible, unwanted behaviours later in life. Learn what proper socialization truly means and how to accomplish it.